This is a view of the area ranched by David Leland Heywood between about 1905 and 1932. From this perspective the land appears flat and arid but the winding Sevier River and many washes from Red Canyon to the east of the ranch created fertile bottom lands.

The following satellite perspective which shows the estimated area of the ranch includes an inset that reveals the corrugated nature of the land.

When he bought the ranch, three of David Leland's children were sons. He added an addition to the original ranch house which was built on a rise above the valley.

He also invested in new corrals and barns, finishing construction just before the recently constructed Hatchtown dam failed, wiping out everything but the house and nearby, older buildings. Although he received some compensation from the State of Utah, it was a serious blow as pastures were buried in red clay and sand. Some ears showed a profit, but weather, disease, drought and Depression finally ended the expectation that D. L. could continue ranching.