In 1979, a few years before the picture above was taken, my mother, Margaret Heywood, asked my father, David
Heywood to make tape recordings of his memories of growing up and other life experiences. She transcribed the recordings, added illustrations and produced copies of his autobiography, ‘Dave’s Story’ using xerox copying methods.

In 2015 I reversed the process, using speech to text software to create a document that could be made available on the
internet. So far I have completed the first section which covers his first 23 years. I plan to add other sections as I’m
able as well as transcribing my mother’s autobiography, ‘Two Loaves.’

Most of this time was centered on his experiences on a ranch near Red Canyon

Even though the family photos used in that book were of poor quality, I have provided access to them as links throughout
the text. I used few of the many illustrations from material Mother found at the Salt Lake Public library because of the
poor quality of the copies and possible copyright concerns. I worked from the original typescript, but unfortunately the graphics were poor even at that stage. Instead I have added images from internet sources.

List of links to illustrations:



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